Ugub conducts Community Needs Assessments, Provision of TOT trainings to community and health workers across the country for:

  • Humanitarian Agencies requiring a Community Health Needs Assessment on affected communities.
  • Public Sector / Municipalities –State Health and Social Service entities constructing a focused analysis of issues related to poverty, and other social determinants of health issues in order to capitalize on community strengths while efficiently addressing prioritized needs.
  • Public sector organizations and direct care providers developing Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Community Health Needs Assessments to develop and implement effective strategies to address broad-based and/or urgent issues.

Ugub’s Assessment as Action model establishes a continuous process improvement framework. The model works to identify community strengths and prioritized service gaps, needs, and barriers; develop and implement programs; collect process and outcomes data, and revise programs and strategies to better address core issues.

The model simultaneously engages community partners and uses data to create a positive cycle of change. It also develops a deeper understanding of community challenges, and, 2) enables partners to coalesce around – and act upon – the opportunities for population health improvement.


Ugub remains on the leading edge of methodological innovation that adds value and impact to the Assessment. The firm’s expertise in community engagement, Trauma Informed Care, stakeholder engagement, data analysis and forecasting, needs / service gap prioritization, and digital and social media make Ugub highly unique.

Ugub modifies the methodology for every engagement based on a client’s unique needs and the community’s unique characteristics.  However, Ugub’s core approach includes the following:

  • Primary research with key stakeholders, service providers, and other community members.
  • Interviews, focus group meetings, and other conversations with consumers.
  • Review of secondary data and other existing materials. Where possible, Ugub will deploy statistical analysis and forecasting tools to help anticipate future needs.
  • Prioritization of the community needs and service gaps using a proprietary approach that builds consensus around the results and lays the foundation for action.
  • Clear, well-cited, and easily deployable report and supporting materials.
  • Ongoing support and assistance, as needed.

We are specialized for social research and offer our clients edge-cut solutions. Advanced methodologies and our deep insights into our clients’ industries helps distinguish our service. Our successes come from our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities.

Our core business is consulting on the basis of marketing research. Our foundations are in the research industry. However, our knowledge and skills reach into various disciplines, such as brand management, management consulting, innovations, media, trend forecasting, web strategies and data mining. These marketing and business skills allow us to tap a rich seam of insights to help offer valuable marketing advice to our clients.

Services include:

— Community Needs Assessment
— Monitoring Verification & Impact Evaluation
— Strategy Development
— Community Hazard and Risk Assessment

— Training Manual Development

— Translation of manuals