Advanced financial management training for enterprises

Advanced financial management training for enterprises

Training Description 

Ugub Group has kicked off an advanced financial management training for financial department staff of Nabaad Trading Company, an enterprise operates in Somalia and registered vendor for multiple humanitarian agencies including UNHCR and WFP.

The training seminar provides a user perspective on the role of accounting and financial reporting in capturing and conveying financial information about an organisation. Trainees acquire confidence in using the concepts and vocabulary of accounting to analyse and communicate about business performance and resource allocation. You will become familiar with the format and use of financial statements and the role of accounting in making business decisions.

This seminar was intended for accountants, senior and junior accountants,  accounting and finance professionals, marketing and sales, administrative staff, supervisors, general business professionals and staff from any function who need to learn and apply state-of-the-art techniques to their daily business reporting, reconciliations, and analysis.

Training Objectives

  • Apply a good working knowledge on business and financial reporting.
  • Improve Excel reporting expertise in business, finance and accounting.
  • Perform automated reconciliation for speedy weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Learn how to link their Excel with PowerPoint for dynamic data update.
  • Develop dynamic business dashboards and scorecards to assist professionals in measuring performance and enhancing decision making.
  • Practice advanced report development techniques by linking-up Excel with Access, Web, Text, SQL and other databases.
  • Learn to record, run and edit Macro to perform repetitive tasks and generate reports.
  • Develop, prepare and distribute business and accounting reports in minutes.

Training Duration: Five (5) days/ (6 hours/day)


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