Aviation Hub Manager, CTG Golobal

Aviation Hub Manager, CTG Golobal

Position Aviation Hub Manager

Place of Performance: Garowe, Somalia

Contract Duration: Completion date of 16th March with possible extension to 01 Nov. 2016

Starting Date ASAP


CTG Global is a managed service company specializing in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, Human Resources support services and Monitoring & Evaluation in post disaster and post conflict countries around the world.

CTG Global provides services to humanitarian organizations, government, non-governmental organizations and corporates that enables public and private sectors to focus on their core business and the achievement of their objectives in hostile and threatening environments as we provide a safe and secure environment for them to do so and alleviate them of their risks, crisis and personnel management problems.


§ The primary purpose of this position is to serve as an Aviation Hub Manager hired to evaluate the day to day airfield management operations and keeps the Chief Terminal Officer/CAVO informed of any conditions that may affect the safety of the airfield.

§ Maintains situational awareness of airfield activities. Develops sound and safe recommendations.

§ Inspects and/or checks the airfield for flying safety hazards to include compliance with airfield criteria, aircraft foreign object damage and bird aircraft strike hazards.

§ Responds to aircraft emergencies, accidents, and incidents on the airfield.

§ Responsible for the effective operation of flight data and airfield activities. Provides pilots with a variety of critical information for planning and conducting a safe flight as requested. Furnishes pilots with a full range of flight services pertinent to flight planning. Provides flight information for all inbound aircraft; determines when aircraft are overdue and initiates search and rescue.

§ Ensure accurate placement of all helped firefighting equipment and proper ground maintenance in the entire sector of responsibility

§ Ensure that proper refueling procedures are observed

§ Provide advice of any Landing zone surface problems

§ Oversee the proper movement and safety of any parked vehicles

§ Responsible to create and disseminate to all relevant parties the updated daily, weekly, and monthly flight schedules according to the requirements/requests received from Joint Mission Air Operations Centre.

§ Responsible for creating requests for slot clearance according to the daily schedule when required.

§ Disseminate all information relevant to the safe and efficient operation of the flight schedule is relayed in a timely manner to all relevant parties.

§ Ensures that the sector has sufficient technically trained and qualified staff and/or support personnel contracted by the client’s ALO’s to execute assigned functions.

§ Gathers all risk assessment reports and sends to Chief Air Terminal Officer / CAVO.

§ Gathers any safety or procedural comments from the Crew, Passengers, or stakeholders as feedback to benefit flight operations, makes safety recommendations, in the improvement of delivery of services.

§ Reports frequently on progress of activities coordinates with all Units Supervisors on matter affecting their area of responsibility in the Section activities.

§ Perform other functions as assigned by the Chief Air Terminal Officer / CAVO.


The Aviation Hub Manager will produce the following outputs;

§ Bi-monthly meetings with the Chief Aviation Officer, where he will provide a progress report on activities;

§ Monthly meetings with the Senior Local Authorities, Airport staff, and other relevant stakeholders in the operation, with minutes. To disseminate relevant information to all, arising from these meetings;

§ Business Plan for the Garowe air hub to be established with detailed information on improvements and development plan

§ Prepare Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Report for the Garowe Hub

§ Preparation of and/or revisions to relevant air services Manuals to satisfy the requirements of ICAO, DPKO Aviation manual and other relevant aviation authorities

§ Development and implementation of appropriate training for Airport staff

§ Monitoring of HUB recurrent budget

§ Drafting of proposals for HUB projects



§ High Diploma in Aviation Management, Air Transportation Management or Air Traffic Control, or graduations from equivalent military establishment. Training as an Air Crew, or Aeronautical Engineer, or Air Traffic Controller, or Flight Dispatcher qualification, or equal military certification, is required. A first level university degree with a relevant combination of education, professional training, certification in air transport, and managerial experience in air transportation-related occupation can be an advantage


§ Examples of creditable specialized experience include knowledge of Aviation industry and airfield management operations practices, procedures and the established regulations, requirements, and techniques related to the airfield management program. Practical knowledge of airfields; such as conditions of runways, taxiways, aprons, operational status of airfield support facilities (airfield lighting, barriers, navigational aids, etc.) and obstacles that are violations to airfield standard and safety issues that may restrict aircraft operations and issuance of NOTAMs.


§ At least ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience, with at least Five (5) years at the international level on a position directly related to air transportation operations. Experience working in a UN organization, Peacekeeping or other field operations would be an advantage.


Interested candidates should submit their CV along with their application letter via e-mail to careers@ctgglobal.com with reference to “BHJOB2678_883” in the subject line. Closing date: 15 Jan 2016 Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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