Strategic Communications

Ugub Solutions is a full-service communication company that helps clients communicate effectively and creatively with their audiences. 

Strategic Communications

Ugub Solutions operate in Somalia and Kenya. We offer a wide range of communication services, such as:

  • Strategic communications: We develop and implement communication strategies that align with the client’s goals, objectives, and values. We help the client craft and deliver clear, consistent, and compelling messages that resonate with the audience and influence their behavior.
  • Conference management: We organize and manage conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events for the client. We handle all aspects of the event, from planning and budgeting to logistics and execution. We ensure that the event runs smoothly and successfully, and that the client’s expectations are met or exceeded.
  • Translation service: We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services for the client. We have a team of professional translators and interpreters who can handle various languages and domains. We ensure that the client’s message is accurately and effectively conveyed across different cultures and contexts.
  • Video production: We produce engaging and informative videos for the client. We have a team of skilled and creative video producers, editors, and animators who can create videos for various purposes and platforms. We use the latest technology and equipment to produce high-quality videos that capture the attention and interest of the audience.
  • Social media engagement: We manage and enhance the client’s presence and reputation on social media platforms. We create and post relevant and appealing content that attracts and interacts with the audience. We monitor and analyze the performance and feedback of the content, and optimize the social media strategy accordingly.

We have been in the communication industry for over 10 years, and we have worked with clients from various sectors and industries, such as humanitarian, education, healthcare, tourism, technology, and more. We have a global network of partners and collaborators that enable us to serve clients across different regions and markets. We are passionate about communication and creativity, and we are committed to delivering excellent results. We are Ugub Solutions, your communication partner.

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The 4th Annual Joint Review Meeting of Education Sector for Puntland was managed by Ugub Solutions.

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