Vocational center trainer (midwifery)

Vocational center trainer (midwifery)

Position:Vocational center trainer (midwifery)
Job site: Baidoa and Jowhar
Report to: technically reports to: VTC manager
Duration: 12 Months.
Start date: 24/11/2015
Vacancies: 6(six)

Application process:
Send CV and cover letter to hr.somalia@intersos.org with email heading “Vocational center trainer or direct submission to INTERSOS Jowhar or Baidoa office by COB Monday 23rd November 2015.
INTERSOS is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization that works to bring assistance to people affected by natural disasters and conflicts. Established in 1992 with support from the Italian Federation of Trade Unions, its actions are based on the values of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equal rights and opportunities for all people and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable and the unprotected. In Somalia INTERSOS is active since 1992 responding to emergencies that involve IDPs and returnees populations as well as the host community. INTERSOS currently operates in Banadir, Bay, and Middle Shabelle and Mudug regions of Somalia.

Position overview:
INTERSOS is Provide alternative schooling system through participatory vocational business skills training and work experience placement focusing on midwifery, nursing teaching,social work and business in Baidoa and Jowhar.supporting several health and protection projects in South Central Somalia. INTERSOS is urgently looking for a VTC trainers who will be responsible for conducting both class-room and on-the-job trainings at a range of health facilities, as well as contributing to the development of improved treatment protocols, referral pathways, and best practices.

Main responsibilities:
 S/He will train participants (trainees) to counsel pregnant women on a wide array of birth preparedness topics, including, but not limed to: nutrition, rest and sleep, complication readiness, postnatal care, infant nutrition, and family planning
Prof: Saitoti Road, House 17 (Westlands) – 00200 Nairobi – Kenya – PO BOX 57801
phone: +254.20. 4448812, email: somalia@intersos.org
 S/He will train participants (trainees) to carry out laboratory tests, such as pregnancy tests, urine examination, and preparation of pap smear
 Prepare pre midwifery curriculum in accordance with the Somalia nursing curriculum.
 Produce timely weekly and monthly activity reports.  S/He will train participants (trainees) to assess progress of labor by maintaining pantograph  S/He will train participants (trainees) to conduct normal delivery and manage all the stages of labour  S/He will train participants (trainees) to identify complications as they arise during and after delivery and will address any complications in line with INTERSOS guidelines  S/He must be able to Train Participants (trainees) to administer a range of drugs, including intravenous infusions and local anesthesia, as necessary  S/He must be able to train Participants (trainees) to perform minor surgical procedures including episiotomy and repair of minor perineal tears  S/He must be able to train Participants (trainees) to assist with complicated births, including Breech deliveries  S/He will provide training on immediate newborn and maternal care, up to and including resuscitation of newborns  S/He will train participants to practice effective infection control measures by maintaining and waste-management  S/He will train participants to provide family planning advice and services including emergency contraceptive pills and early pregnancy termination  S/He train participants (trainees) to provide immunization services for children and mothers  S/He will train participants (trainees) to promote a wide-range of women’s health issues, including during non-childbearing years
 S/He will train participants (trainees) to comprehensively maintain all necessary records  S/He will make patient rounds according to set schedules and at the request of doctor/head nurse, reporting on patient status and care, and completely fill relevant clinical cards
 S/He train participants (trainees) to undertaken additional tasks not specified in this TOR at the request of her/his direct supervisor

 Excellent Somali language skills (Somali national preferred). Candidates MUST be able to work in the Middle Shebelle and Bay Regions with Somali-speaking medical staff
 Excellent command of spoken and written English
 Bachelor or diploma in midwifery.
 Previous experience providing midwifery training
 Extensive experience in conducting participatory training
 Excellent communication skills, oral and written
 Demonstrated experience in personnel management
 Detail-oriented, highly self-motivated, and able to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently
 Computer literate with very good skills in database management

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