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The 4th Annual Joint Review Meeting of Education Sector
for Puntland was managed by Ugub Solutions.

Provision of Translation Service in East Africa

Simultaneous interpretation equipment

The simultaneous interpretation equipment we use is fully digital based on an innovative technology, providing crystal clear audio everywhere. The most efficient solution when the users need to hear and be heard. Our equipment is of unparalleled quality and in addition it has the following attributes: Superior Audio Quality; User Friendly Operation; Scalable to reach Requirements of each Meeting; Fully Integrated with web streaming and Archiving; Audio Encryption for Security needs; Upgradable system Design.

Technical Support

We recognize the fact that human resources are equally important in our endeavours, to achieve the best quality standards in the industry. Our Technicians are fully certified in electronics engineering and are able to trouble shoot and solve any technical problems and thus ensure proper maintenance of this equipment and where necessary they troubleshoot for errors and this ensures that our conferences continue seamlessly to the satisfaction our clients. These technicians also undergo refresher courses in electronics to acquaint themselves with the changes in new technology.

Portable booth

Our soundproof booths are of unmatched quality since we believe that booth ergonomics also contribute to the quality of interpretation.

Professional Interpreters

Interpretation is one of the most critical jobs in modern society. As different officials are  coming together based on information sharing and communicative advances, it is only natural that there has been a constant demand and an unprecedented need for Somali-English Interpretation of ideas from one language to another. Interpretation plays a crucial role in the performance of international institutions and governments alike. Interpretation is no longer just the process of translating words, but has evolved into the transformation of meaning and intentions. We always thrive to attain the highest levels of accuracy and conciseness through research and Staff development and by investing in state-of-the art Interpretation tools. Furthermore, our Somali-English translators are highly experienced with each having enough progressive professional experience in different fields.
Video Recording & Production

We record, preserve, and extend your event beyond the time and space in which it takes place. By using video cameras, audio recorders, digital video recorders, and editing and streaming software, we are able to capture presentations and preserve the educational and motivational value of your event for the future.  We use a manned HD camera focused on each presenter and a wide-shot HD camera capturing a wider angle. We capture exactly what is seen during the presentation: the slides, videos, live coding, etc. We also capture a clean audio track from the mic’ed sound system. After the event is over, we edit each track and add title slides or motion-graphics, depending on your preference, and sponsor recognition slides. We can provide you with deliverables on the date we agreed. Our team of videographers, recorders and post-production editors keep you highly satisfied.

A Rapporteur is a person who listens and then reports his/her observations. Our experienced rapporteurs accomplish this through listening with ears, eyes, heart and mind. Their roles is to listen and not reply. The Rapporteur listens with all senses to gain a full appreciation of the story being told. Our professional rapporteurs are focused- It is not always easy to tune out the distractions around someone. They strive to remain focused on what is being said and not on how he/she wishes to respond. The focus is on the story being shared and its implications as they relate to the overall objectives of the presentation. The Rapporteur records and reports findings. This summary integrates observations and impressions from the presentations and these could be submitted within assigned deadline.  Yet,, our Rapporteurs’ role is to ensure the integrity of the report. The role of the Rapporteur is essential for ensuring accuracy along with moral integrity of the final report. Findings and recommendations from their reports will be sued to focus attention of decision makers on the emerging issues, which will result from the conference or workshop proceedings.

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The 4th Annual Joint Review Meeting of Education Sector for Puntland was managed by Ugub Solutions.

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